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Company informations

Gabella Verre Sàrl Gabella Diffusion Sàrl
Head office Subsidiary of Gabella Verres
Gabella Verre Sàrl "Le savoir Verre"
Registered office :
Rue du Village 38
CH-1312 Eclépens (Vaud)
Gabella Diffusion Sàrl
Registered office :
Rue Auguste-Bachelin 9
CH-2074 Marin-Epagnier (Neuchâtel)

Offices, Workshops, Station of communications
centralized in :
Rue du Village 38
CH-1312 Eclépens (Suisse)
Tél. : 0041 (0)21 866 02 00
Fax : 0041 (0)21 866 02 08
   e-mail : contact@gabella-diffusion.com

Activities of Gabella Verres : Swiss market and building sites
- Marketing and distribution for Switzerland.
- Manufacture, prefabrication, applied work in Switzerland or abroad.
Activities of Gabella Diffusion : Market Except Switzerland
- Marketing and distribution of the products or services of Gabella Verres, except Switzerland.
- Marketing and distribution of other products not in connection with the activity of Gabella Verres.

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Store of sale and exposure of 400 m2 in Eclépens

- Maintenance
- Councils of use, free for simple consultations by telephones, against invoicing atmodest time rate for more thorough studies.

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Our providers and retailers
Sector Glass Blocks:
- Distribution being pressed on a significant stock of marques :
   - PITTSBURGH CORNING (Englishdocumentations)
   - SOLARIS (English, French, German and Italian documentations)
   - VETROARREDO (English and Italian documentations)
   - AGHEBO (English and Italian documentations)

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Additional information
translucent glass block
The Gabella Verres Sàrl company in Eclépens are dedicated in the search and the application of new technologies canopies, and offers its services to the architects, to the public authorities, the private companies. It places at the disposal of the architects and their customers a permanent exposure covering 500 m2; it lends assistance to the architects and to engineers seeking of new techniques of application of glass.
Its stock one of is varied from Switzerland, which enables him to deliver quickly in all the areas. Its services include the consultings of specialists, the study and the establishment of projects, the execution of constructions out of glass, as well as the monitoring of the building sites.

S.I Rueyre, bureau R. Gonin SA, architectes, Renens


- fast glass block delivery in all Switzerland and abroad since the workshops of Eclépens (great quantities, starting from 10 tons, directly since the producing factory)
- Delivery of walls and Translucent slabs Concrete Armed prefabricated in factory, according to the mode of installation envisaged
- Delivery of the system of bank assembly KIT, including/understanding profiled, braces, special mortar, joint expansion and desired glass block
- Execution of plane or curved glazings
- Execution of horizontal flagstones, vaults and cupolas.
- the technical councils of the office of expert consulting of the house (37 years of experiments), working at the international level for special projects (vaults, cupolas, flagstones, glazings of great surface, etc.)
Examples of some of our last achievements.
- Study of projects, plans of execution, monitoring of the building sites.
- Study and supply of additional products, such as aluminium frameworks with thermal cut standard HGVI 90/40/4 and 110/40/4.
Steel frames; installation of sanding and metallization in Eclépens. Glass block, moulds and profiles out of PVC " Aghebo "
- Flagstones and glazings in B.A.T. antifeu class F (test EMPA, under load continues)
- Glazings prefabricated out of glass block with heat insulation improved
- Flagstones B.A.T. for rolling of heavy lorries, some examples.

Prefabriced pyramide for the hospital of la Chaux-de-fonds in Switzerland. Bureau Vuilleumier, Salus, Studer SA, architectes, La Chaux-de-Fonds.

Y PARC, Technological center, Yverdon-les-bains, Groupe Y architecture SA, Yverdon-les-bains


Tiny maintenance. It is enough to treat on the two faces the veins of glass block located outside with a transparent product, every 2 to 5 years, in order to protect the special mortar against porosity and the attacks from the air pollution.


The translucent reinforced concrete resists the effraction and the shocks. It is durable, offers a good heat insulation and acoustic, testifies to mechanical and optical characteristics interesting.
Sound characteristics

Each wall, of finished size, has its own frequency of vibration. When the frequency which strikes the wall is the same one as that of the wall, there is what is called " resonance ". The resonance which reduces the insulating capacity of the wall is represented by the negative peak with 250 Hz. The other negative peak with 2000 Hz represents the " coincidence ", which depends on the elastic characteristics of the wall. When the intensity of the noise is reduced half, the noise level decreases by 3 dB
- Room of reading 30 dB
- domesticate noises 50 dB
- normal conversation 60 dB
- Noise of an office 65 dB
- intense circulation 80 dB
Exemple : Glass block wall protecting a house, of a street with large circulation.
at 1000 Hz : R = 46 dB
80 dB = -46 dB = 34 dB
Value completely acceptable for a residential building. (Graph on request)
New! Bricks BG without negative peak with 2000 Hz.

Eglise de Mase, M. Ch. Beck, architecte, Monthey

Prefabriqued steps in our factory. MM. Alt et Isely, architectes, Lausanne

prefabriqued phone cabin, for the national road in Simplon-Village. M. A. Meillard, architecte, Sierre

Hosptital of la Chaux-de-Fonds
Bureau Vuilleumier, Salus, Studer SA, architectes, La Chaux-de-Fonds.

Home for invalide people in la Chaux-de-Fonds.
Bureau Vuilleumier, Salus, Studer SA, architectes, La Chaux-de-Fonds.

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